Because Great Brands are “Born”… never “Created”

Advertising agencies know this to be true. Anyone can create you a logo. You can get a stock template or modified clip-art logo for under $50. You can also shell out $2,000 or more and get a really nice logo with a tagline.

But having a cool logo isn’t the same thing as having a “brand.”

If you’re not an advertising agency or graphics & marketing Jedi… then you might need some help in that department.

We know branding. We also know the best practices strategies used by successful firms for getting people to remember the brand. Nike was so successful at this, they no longer need the letters next to their swish logo. Today, we just see the “swish,” and we know it’s Nike. Apple Computer is the same kind of brand. Everyone instantly recognizes that cute Apple icon with the bite taken out of it.

Both of these logos began life as a bar napkin. But it took a lot of careful attention to getting them to become BRANDS online.

At BraveReach, we know how to successfully brand your company’s name, image and products to the people who will want to learn more about you.

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