Search Marketing

Google Ad Solutions and Monthly Management

Once upon a time, Google was a lot easier to use. Now, it’s like jumping from 5th grade English to Harvard School Law. It’s difficult to understand and harder to keep up with the millions of changes they invent every year.

At BraveReach, we keep up with the latest Google changes. We also regularly make sure that our team has the most up-to-date knowledge of Google’s Ad platform. Google offers two kinds of services on Ads today:

1. The text ads you see on the right side of the search results pages. These are the ‘Search Ads.

2. Banner advertising through Google’s trusted networks. These are nice looking banner ads (and text ones) that run your message for your company’s products or services on other high-traffic, high-profile websites like CNN, Bloomberg, Conde Nast Traveler, Oxygen and others.

Google also offers Video Ads as part of their YouTube empire. This means lacing the same key words on videos that might showcase your company’s products or services.

We here at BraveReach can provide for you, a fully-managed service, whereby our team manages your entire Google Ads and campaign management for one low flat-rate price. As with all our services, you are our focus, you can choose how much involvement you want with the search marketing service we provide you.

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