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Your website might be really slick and good looking. But is it optimized for Google, Bing, Yahoo or AOL? Google has dropped to 67% Internet market share. The rest now belongs to Bing, Yahoo and Facebook.

Which means optimizing your website just for Google for natural key word ranking means you’re missing out on 37% of the rest of the planet that might also want the same things you’re offering on Google.

Buying links from anyone right now will be the fastest way to kill your website. Why? Because Google says so. In their latest Webmaster Guidelines, Matt Cutts specifically released last year that any website selling back links with Page Rank (PR) transfer is now a forbidden practice.

At BraveReach, it’s our job to keep our clients current on Google’s changes likes these and to help keep you SEO and website optimization off of Google’s “Naughty List.” Because once you get on that list, Google de-lists you. And if you once had a page one rank naturally on Google, it’s al but impossible to get back to page one … even if you used Google’s Disavow tool. Once you’re banned, your domain name is as good as dead.

As a respected member of the SEO community, BraveReach has seen lots of train wrecks in how other companies pretend to offer SEO services. Like Coca-Cola, we’re the real thing in SEO marketing services. We know the DO’s and the DON’T’s.

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