Social Media Optimization

New Tricks in Social Media Tips and Visibility

Did you know there’s a cool trick that Google is using right now to help you get page one ranking on Google, naturally and without Google Ads?

It’s called the REL=Author tag, and it’s a great way to blog your way to the top of a natural page one search results. At BraveReach, we’ll help you optimize your Google+ account and show you to add your avatar (photo) and start building your circles.

Once you’ve reached 25 – 30 circles and have had your Google+ account established for 45 days or more, it’s time to move onto some cool social media management tricks.

Let’s assume you’re in real estate and you’re in Sydney, Australia. We’ll show to to write a blog post and add a tiny snippet of HTML code to your post before you post it. This REL=Author tag will point to your Google+ profile and when you hit POST on your blog article, you will be effectively TAGGING your article with your Google+ signature.

A day later, you test where it ranks by entering in a few words into a Google search like, “Where to buy your next Sydney home,” and ta-daaaaa. You end up seeing your smiling mugshot next to a Google organic listing for your post.

Magic? Not hardly. The propeller-heads at BraveReach are just paying attention to how Google is making it easier to get you more visibility and more customers. This is just one of many techniques we use on the multitude of social media sites that are out there, to bring your business closer to the customers that you want.

We’ve got lots of creative ideas to help you make the most of your social media.

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